Wholesale Palms

Wholesale Palms

As a landscaper or architectural designer, it’s your job to locate the best wholesale palms available to meet your client’s needs.

At Palmco we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

We offer superior customer service from start to finish and will deliver a stunning product every time.

Palmco is located on Pine Island in sunny Florida.

We live in a tropical state that is home to a vast array of native and non-native palm trees. However, our 20+ varieties of palms are not exclusive to Florida alone.

In fact, we have provided beautiful palms for installations all over the world. We offer cold hardy and drought tolerant plants, so don’t let our location deter you.

As one of the nation’s largest palm purveyors we are certain you will find a palm to suit your landscape and architectural design needs. We are housed on a 600 acre palm plantation utilizing state of the art irrigation systems and various other “green” growing techniques.

Propagating wholesale palms is what we’ve been doing for over 30 years.



Palm Suggestions

Since we have a vast array of palms available, it might be a bit of a challenge to pick just one.

To help you make a decision that best fills your client’s requirements, we’ve separated some of our palms into design categories. Of course this is not an all-inclusive list, but our palm tree experts are available five days a week to answer additional questions.

Unique Beauty

Fishtail Palm – This is a fast growing, clumping palm native to Southeast Asia and Thailand. It is known for its unusual bipinnate structure.

Foxtail Palm – A Northern Australia native, this quick grower reflects a copper color from its leaf scars when hit by the midday sun. This gives it an ethereal glow unlike any other palm on the market.

Silver Bismarckia Palm – Hailing from Madagascar, this tree is gorgeous with its powdery blue silver leaves. This one is an eye catcher for sure.

Rapid Growth

Washingtonia Palm – Originating in Mexico, this is both quick growing and cold hardy.

Queen Palm – A South American native, the queen palm is most notable for establishing canopy shade. It also has quite elegant and graceful foliage which earns it the regal name.

Montgomery Palm – An underutilized palm from the South Pacific island of Vanuatu, this palm is often compared to the Adonidias and Foxtails.


Sabal Palm – Florida’s state tree is a staple in tropical gardens. It’s inexpensive and prolifically available, making it a popular go-to tree for designers.

Alexander Palm – This is a versatile palm originating from Australia. It grows best in zones 10B-11 and is quite popular in that locale.

Areca – Another Madagascar native, this is an industry standard palm. Our large inventory of this palm species makes us a choice producer.

Palmco can meet all of your wholesale palm needs.

Our palm tree experts are available to help you, five days a week.

You can call them at (239) 283 1329 to ask questions, place an order, or schedule a tour. 

We’d love to meet you personally and give you a glimpse of our slice of paradise.

Come and see us!