Wholesale Palm Trees Boston

Wholesale Palm Trees Boston

Palm trees are ubiquitous in Florida, Palmco’s home state.

They are everywhere – from our shores to our storefronts, but are not exclusive to the warmth of Florida. Palmco offers palms for nearly every application, and our wholesale cold-hardy palms are available for delivery to Boston.

Palms offer advantages over other trees and are some of the most recognizable plants in the world. They conjure up images of exotic vacations, deep relaxation and the sublimity of sunsets.

Often used by architects and landscapers, they are also among the most versatile trees.

The uses of palms include landscaping, architecture, city planning, and gardening.

Some can be used as accents, and are especially stunning when doubled or tripled in groups.

Others are used as specimens – these palms will catch the eye of any observer. Whatever their use, palms are sure to deliver, and they’re available in an amazing variety of sizes, shapes, and textures.

If you are looking for palm trees for your Boston landscape, Palmco should be your first stop. At Palmco, we provide palms of the very highest quality.

Palms in Boston’s climate

Boston is a cold city, and it demands hardy plants.

Its winters are hard and long, and temperatures routinely drop below freezing.

This means that growing Palms in Boston requires growing only the most cold-hardy palms available. Fortunately, we at Palmco offer a variety of cold-hardy palms that are well-suited to Boston’s chill.

One such palm is the Sabal palm (Sabal palmetto or Cabbage Palm), which is capable of growing in quite low temperatures. The Sabal palm is a widely used palm which is remarkably charming. It is an extremely slow-growing palm but is a beauty – its silhouette is iconic and elegant. The Sabal evokes images of warm southern sunsets, even in cold drab winters.

This variety is ideal for use in Boston.

There are other cold-hardy palms that grow even further north than you might think, including the Chinese Fan Palm (Livistona chinensis), European Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis), which can tolerate frost conditions down to 10°F, and the Windmill or Chinese Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortune), one of the most cold-hardy varieties that can be grown as far north as Canada.

What our nursery delivers

The health of our plants and their growing environment are important to us here at Palmco.

Our growing practices help keep our farm sustainable.

We have a commitment to that sustainability and are careful to remain environmentally conscious at every turn.

This safeguards our healthy and lasting relationship with the environment, and provides the ideal conditions for growing the healthiest, most robust trees. Our commitment to environmental health is passed on to our customers, who always receive the best quality palms we can provide.

As we feed our trees, we take care of their environment.

We ensure that the groundwater and soil that nourish and surround them stay safe and clean, utilizing modern fertilization and irrigation processes along with sensitive soil moisture monitoring stations that contribute to healthier land and more robust trees.

Palmco is ready to accommodate your needs by bringing our spectacular palms to your doorstep.

If you are in Boston, there is no better choice for landscaping and architectural trees than the wholesale palms we can deliver. If you find yourself in Florida, we encourage you to stop and visit us in person.

Or call us to speak to one of our palm experts at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.