Wholesale Dypsis Pembana Palm Trees Florida

Dypsis pembana, or the Pemba Palm, is one of the world’s most beautiful palm tree species and a recent favorite of Florida landscapers. Originating from the Eastern Coast of Africa, this palm tree species grows wild in the moist lowlands of the island of Zanzibar, and it does not grow anywhere else in the wild. Palmco is one of the few wholesale suppliers of Pemba palms in the U.S. Although this palm tree is popular among commercial developers in Florida, we can ship it to other destinations in the U.S. 


Wholesale Dypsis Pembana Palm Trees FloridaThe dypsis pembana is a type of clustering palm with short, green-ringed trunks and upright leaves that arch near the tips. Once mature, this palm tree develops a prominent bulge at the base of the trunk. Considered a vulnerable plant, the dypsis pembana is a very rare palm tree species. Many landscapers include this plant in their projects because they believe that cultivating it will increase its numbers. 

Dypsis Pembana features beautiful, large, waxy green fronds making it an excellent ornamental plant. This plant produces beautiful-looking fruits with a rich red color when they mature. The plant thrives in tropical and sub-tropical climates throughout the world. In addition, Dypsis Pembana does well in partial or full light. 

One of the notable traits of dypsis pembana is its low maintenance requirements. This plant is drought resistant and requires minimal fertilization. At Palmco, we inspect all dypsis pembana seeds to ensure viability before dispatch. In addition, we protect all our plants during shipping with shipping warmers to ensure survival. 

Palmco has an excellent refund or return policies. This means that if your plants arrive in poor condition due to a fault on our part, we will gladly refund the purchase price or right your order. However, this policy applies if buyers send a notification within a day of plant arrival with photos of the damaged plants in their original packaging. In addition, state agricultural regulations may affect return or refund policy eligibility. 

Dypsis Pembana is one of the planet’s most beautiful mid-sized palm trees, and it is a favorite with landscapers throughout Florida and the sunbelt states. Our Bokeelia, FL, plantation is equipped with state-of-the-art agricultural systems, including an eco-friendly irrigation system. Some of our plants are grown in the shade, meaning clients have to introduce them to full sunlight slowly. Once you receive your dypsis pembana order, we recommend you provide an environment of enhanced humidity until you achieve normal root function. 

Also known as Mpapindi and Mpopo wa mwitu, the Dypsis Pembana is an excellent choice for landscapers looking for a rare, beautiful, mid-sized clustering palm for their projects. In the U.S., this tropical palm tree thrives in planting zone 10A-11. Dypsis Pembana thrives once established, even in dry conditions. However, do not let the soil dry out thoroughly after planting this palm tree. With the right growing conditions, Dypsis Pembana can reach 30 to 40 feet. 

Do you have any questions about dyspis pembana or our wholesale policies? Please contact Palmco today. We are always happy to help.