Wholesale Bamboo Boston

Wholesale Bamboo Boston

Clumping bamboo and Boston aren’t typically heard in the same sentence since bamboo is generally considered a tropical climate installation.

However, thanks to the incredible cultivating expertise at Palmco, we can provide you with wholesale cold hardy bamboo that’s ready to endure some of your milder winters.

Our beautiful clumping bamboos will provide you with beautiful ornamental design options for Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Chelsea, Brookline and beyond that include: screening, hedges and other applications.

Picking Bamboo for Boston

Our clumping bamboo has been carefully selected for its non-invasive nature.

We are aware of the negative reputation that bamboo has endured. Therefore, when we hand-selected the many varieties on our 600 acre palm plantation, we made certain that we would be providing our customers (and their clientele) with species that would stay where they were supposed to stay! 

Four Varieties Of Our Most Cold Hardy:

  • Graceful or Slender Weavers Bamboo:
    This is an incredibly gorgeous specimen with nodding foliage tops. It is very erect and tightly clumping. It’s easy to maintain and quite cold hardy. Within the course of 2-3 years the bamboo will average out at about 25 feet in height. Our Northern homeowners are particularly fond of this bamboo species as it makes a great privacy screen or hedge.

  • Golden Goddess:
    Originating in China (as most bamboos do) this species is frequently used in topiary installations and makes a great decorative hedge. When planting, arrange them 4-8 feet apart and they will fill in the spaces quickly. This is a delicate leafed bamboo that only reaches an average of 10 feet in height. It’s a graceful bamboo species that will add exotic flair to your small garden or hide your unsightly lawn equipment.

  • Emerald Bamboo:
    Known by several other names, this clumping bamboo has a persistent white bloom that gives it a pale blue sheen. It has been called mystical and stunning, and will certainly be a treasured addition to your landscape décor. It is a rare bamboo, having only been in the country since the early 90s. It doesn’t form tight clumps and can reach up to 30 feet in height, thereby making it a great privacy screen or focal point application.

  • Alphonse Karr:
    The leaves of this bamboo are small and bluish on their bottoms. The plant forms a beautiful, tight clump and will not run. Both easy to maintain and colorful, the golden canes with green stripes make a gorgeous hedge. In fact, it is cultivated around the world for that purpose. However, its height and width make it a good choice as a privacy screen or ultra-tall hedge too. It makes an exciting focal point as well when properly handled.

Why Palmco?

When it comes to tropical plants, bamboos and palms, a Florida based business is your best choice. In truth, Palmco has one of the biggest palm (and bamboo) plantations in the nation.

We’ve been in the palm business over thirty years and nearly ten in the bamboo field.

We pride ourselves on our “green” growing practices.

We work hard to conserve water through proper irrigation and recyclable materials. In fact, we turn all plant based waste into mulch and reuse it on site. Additionally, we don’t use restricted chemicals at any stage of the growing process.

We will provide you with the highest quality plants and service.

When you need wholesale bamboos to make your client’s landscape come alive, contact our customer service experts five days a week at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 1-239-283-1329. 

If you’re visiting the Sunshine State, make a point of swinging by Pine Island so that you can check out our slice of paradise.

We’d love to show you around!