Where to Buy Palm Trees Near Cape Coral, Florida

Where to Buy Palm Trees Near Cape Coral, Florida

Have you wondered where to buy palm trees near Cape Coral, Florida? Look no further than Palmco’s 600 plus palm tree plantation, one of the largest in the nation.

In addition to the more than 30 varieties of palms Palmco offers, we pride ourselves in our environmentally conscious growing process and exceptional customer service, for which we are recognized throughout the industry.

Focus on the Environment

We know you want healthy trees for your clients. For this reason, we have implemented state-of-the-art fertilization and irrigation systems. These systems are designed to work in harmony with our soil moisture monitoring stations to nourish our palms and plants and prevent impurities from leaching into the groundwater and surrounding soil. We never apply restricted-use chemicals, and we recycle all the plant waste and by-products into mulch that we use in our own palm tree beds. That’s how we reduce water usage and improve the soil for the future.

Exceptional Customer Service

We actually focus on our customers; we don’t just say we do. Our devoted staff pride themselves in delivering palms and other plant orders on-time, in excellent condition, and ready to plant. Over our thirty plus years in this industry, we have fulfilled the needs of designers, landscape architects, and landscapers by expanding our expertise, investing in the latest equipment, and creating a delivery system that allows us to dig today and deliver tomorrow. We want to create experiences that will develop satisfied and loyal Palmco customers for life.

Palm Choices for Zone 10A

Cape Coral is located in USDA Zone 10A. So, you might be wondering which palms will best suit your client’s needs. Here is a short list of some great palm choices for Zone 10A:

Windmill (Trachycarpus fortunei)
Hailing from central China, the Windmill Palm is extremely cold-hardy and able to withstand temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit. While they are capable of reaching 40 feet tall, most Windmill palms will stop around the 25-foot mark. They grow slowly, only about a foot a year, but are great for parks and gardens. Consider using them to line walkways or to add touches of formal elegance to any structure.

Silver Bismarckia (Bismarckia nobilis)
This is a highly desirable and exceptionally beautiful fan palm. It is native to Madagascar, grows slowly, and is generally between 30 and 60 feet tall. The gorgeous powdery silver-blue leaves and strong trunk make this a stand out palm that you can’t help but stare at. They are fairly low maintenance, grow faster, and have better color in full sun, and are best suited as specimen palms.

Royal (Roystonea Regia)
The striking appearance and large stature of the Royal palm are quite captivating. Many people consider them to be the most beautiful palms in the world. They are an architectural dream for high-end homes, shopping centers, resorts, gated communities, and to line significant streets like Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. We suggest you plant them in full sunlight and be prepared for them to tower over other palms you might have already used.

Where can you buy palm trees near Cape Coral, Florida? Palmco, of course. Give our experts a call to determine which palms will be most suitable for your location. You can reach us at (239) 283-1329.