Sabal Palmetto For Sale

Sabal Palmetto For Sale

The Sabal Palmetto, available for sale at Palmco, is also known as the Cabbage Palm.

The central bud of new fronds gives the palm tree its "cabbage" name, since its shape resembles a head of cabbage. This bud is also edible and known as "heart of palm."

At Palmco, we’ve been growing palm trees for 30 years.

Our fertile setting on Pine Island, Florida offers a long growing season that allows tropical palms to develop to their most beautiful potential. Our “green” growing process ensures that our plants grow healthy and strong and give our customers the quality they demand.

Palmco palms can be found at many prestigious locations around the world.

The Sabal Palmetto is the most widely used palm tree in Florida. In fact, it is the Florida State Tree. It makes a wonderful addition to any landscape and is well-suited to Zones 7B-11.

Sabal palms grow in almost any type of soil, as well as in frosts and freezes.

They have a slow growth rate but can grow up to 60 feet tall. The large, light green fan leaves emerge from a tight, round, semi self-cleaning crownshaft. They enjoy a sunny moist spot where they can be watered regularly.

Florida’s Native Palms

There are actually only 12 palm tree species that are native to Florida, including the Sabal Palmetto or Cabbage Palm.

Other Native Palms Include:

  • Paurotis – This palm tree is also known as the Everglades Palm. It has dense foliage that nearly reaches the ground and provides a lush, green look. It works great for screening or in place of hedges. This tree gets very large, however, so it will need some room to grow.
  • Thatch – The Thatch Palm will grow in a container, but you will often see them lining landscapes or along the highway. Like the Paurotis, it is low to the ground, so it can be used as a hedge or screen as well; however, the trunk is thinner, making it a great fit for smaller spaces.
  • Royal Palm – This is probably the best known native Florida palm tree. It is much taller than the two aforementioned palm trees, so it is used as a landscaping device in larger areas instead of as a screen. It gives a regal feel to the landscape, so it is often seen lining streets, gated communities, shopping centers, and resorts.

Large palms, such as the Sabal Palmetto, help define large spaces with strong vertical accents and skyline silhouettes and are particularly useful in large office or residential building complexes.

Best Landscape Uses For Large Palm Trees Include:

  1. Privacy screens along a property line
  2. In the center of a circular driveway
  3. To line avenues and streets
  4. To flank driveway entrances (in pairs)
  5. To accent the height of buildings
  6. As single large specimens

You will find slick, booted, curved and regenerated Sabal Palmettos for sale at Palmco. They are normally sold with the “hurricane cut” (with no head) to help them through the transplant process.

Give us a call at (239) 283-1329 and add some Florida charm to your landscape!