Punta Gorda Palm Tree Nursery

In your search for the right Punta Gorda palm tree nursery, you will discover that palm trees come in a wide variety of heights, shapes, textures and even colors.

Punta Gorda Palm Tree NurseryAt Palmco, on Pine Island, we grow 40 varieties of top quality tropical and cold-hardy palms. If you are looking for palm trees for sale, we can help you find the perfect specimen that will turn your customer’s landscape into a tropical paradise.

Pine Island is ideal for growing palm trees due to its location as a barrier island.

The surrounding waters keep the temperatures perfect nearly year-round. Palms in this environment tend to reach their highest potential in height, caliper, and green fronds. With our state-of-the-art, fully automated irrigation systems and extensive nutritional programs, we intend to deliver the best palms.

Exciting, Little Known, Palm Facts

People imagine tropical beaches and warm breezes when they think about palm trees. They might even hear the rustling sound the fronds make as the breeze shifts them. Keep that in mind as our experts share with you these exciting, little known, palm facts:

  • They have an ancient history. Researchers can trace palm trees all the way back to Mesopotamian times. Assyrian culture revered the palm tree as a sign of eternal life, and Christians hold the palm tree with remembrance of Jesus entering Jerusalem.
  • One type can be almost 200 feet tall. The national tree and emblem of Columbia, the Quindo Wax Palm, is the tallest of the palm species. It can be found natively in the Andes and the tropical forests of Northern Peru. The endangered yellow-eared parrot uses it as its home.
  • Palm trees have one of two kinds of leaves. Their leaves are either pinnate or palmate. The feathery looking fronds are pinnate leaves whereas the more fan looking versions are palmate.
  • Palms are a source of food. Sure, everybody knows about coconut palms, but there are other food sources derived from palm trees as well. These include acai fruit, dates, oil, and betel nuts.
  • You can make wine from them. In regions of Asia and Africa a wine, known as Kallu, is made from palm trees. There are several different types that can be used in the process including coconut palms, date palms, and the Chilean wine palm.
  • There are more than 2500 species of palm. Palm trees are found in arid and tropical areas around the globe. In fact, there is one that is so hardy it even grows in Alaska! That is the Needle Palm.
  • The largest seed of any plant comes from a palm. Weighing in at over 60 pounds, in some cases, the seeds of the Coco de Mer Palm Tree are enormous!

Palmco is your best source of expert advice and assistance when you are searching for a Punta Gorda palm tree nursery. Get in touch with us at (239) 283-1329 to discuss the spectacular palms that will thrive in your environment, indoors or out.