Pine Island Palm Tree Nursery

Wondering where to find a Pine Island palm tree nursery? Palmco is your answer! We have developed into one of the largest palm plantations in North America over the last 30 years. We are dedicated to providing landscapers, landscape architects, brokers, and wholesale buyers with the highest quality FF-grade palm trees at reasonable prices.

Pine Island Palm Tree Nursery

Palmco grows dozens of varieties of top quality tropical and cold-hardy palms and clumping bamboo, and we have 600+ acres under cultivation.

We nurture every plant in our warm, fertile environment, giving it ample space to grow with proper nutrition. When it’s time to dig your trees for pick-up or delivery, our digging and strapping techniques leave no scarring or trauma to the palm.

Fascinating Truths About Palm Trees

You cannot create a more tropical island escape in a customers’ yard than you can with palm trees. And in Florida, almost every yard or landscape is suitable for these amazing trees. That’s why our experts want to share these fascinating truths about palm trees:

  • They are symbols of life. In Assyrian culture, it was believed that trees growing by streams were the ultimate symbols of eternal life and thusly palm trees were highly revered.
  • They are Biblical. According to the Bible, people laid palm branches in front of Jesus’ path on Palm Sunday. This is the day Christians celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event that was foretold by Zechariah, a prophet.
  • Some palms can live 100 years or more. This means that the palms you plant could very well out live you! Because palm tree cells aren’t replaced with new ones, like most trees are, there is recent evidence that they may very well be the oldest living trees.
  • Young palms prefer shade. And most of the mature trees will tolerate shade as well. If you want to protect tender fronds, it’s a good idea to plant new palms under a canopy of other trees.
  • They can be skyscrapers. Palms can reach extraordinary heights, some exceeding 70 feet tall. But the Quindo Wax Palm is the tallest species. Colombia claims this giant palm, which can grow to heights between 160 and 200 feet, as their national tree and emblem. It’s also considered a protected species.
  • They don’t all produce edible fruit. While people and animals alike enjoy the coconuts and dates that many palms are known for, the reality is not all palms have fruit you should eat. In fact, the sago palm has fruit that is poisonous to both animals and humans!

Palmco is the right Pine Island palm tree nursery for you. Get in touch with us at (239) 283-1329 to discuss the spectacular palms that will thrive in your environment, indoors or out.