Palm Trees For Sale Miami

Palm Trees For Sale Miami

Miami is probably the epitome of a tropical North American landscape.

Therefore, finding palm trees for sale that are well-suited to Miami landscapes is easily accomplished thanks to the presence of Palmco. Palmco is located on a 600 acre palm plantation on beautiful Pine Island, Florida.

Tours of our rather large slice of paradise are welcomed as we love to show our customers just how we do things. We’ve been in this business for 30+ years and are four generations deep into the palm industry.

We grow over 20 varieties of palms on our land and try to do it as “green” as possible.

In fact, we utilize state of the art irrigation systems and a unique mulching method. Essentially, we convert our plant waste and by-products into the mulch used on our palm beds. This enables us to conserve water and prevent leaching.

Whether you are looking for signature, standalone palms, clumping palms, or the low maintenance variety, we are confident that we have the palm for you.

Our customer service experts can help you determine which palm is best for your landscape or architectural design installations.

Since we grow a vast number of palm varieties, we won’t list them all for you here, but you might want to consider these categories and the trees that best fit there:

Signature Palms

Silver Bismarckia Palm – Known for its stunning silvery powder blue leaves, this regal tree is sure to catch the eye.

King Alexander Palm – A noble and stately looking palm, it lives up to its name and will add a distinctive flare to any landscape design.

Mule Palm – An unusual tree due to its hybrid nature, this tree is almost guaranteed to be one of a kind in the neighborhood.

Clumping Palms

Areca Palm – Well loved by landscapers worldwide, these palms can be used in shading and hedging installations.

Paurotis Palm – A south Florida native, the Paurotis (or Everglades) palm is protected in the wild but can be grown commercially to accent your architectural layouts.

Singles and Multis

Adonidia Palm – A formal tree known for its Christmas-time blooms thereby earning it the nickname, Christmas palm.

Triangle Palm – The unique structure of the leaf growth pattern at 120° apart is what creates the intrigue behind this palm.

Phoenix Sylvestris Palm – While it’s a slow growing tree, the diamond shaped pattern created by its leaf scars are sure to draw a double take (or two) by passersby.

Queen Palm – One of the best canopy establishing palms on the market, this tree will make a great street or driveway lining.

The great thing about living in Miami is the fact that 99% of our palm trees (if not 100%) will do splendidly there. This means you get the pick of the crop when providing your residential and commercial customers with palm tree options.

They can have it all!

Our palm tree experts are available five days a week to answer all of your questions about the palm trees we have for sale that will flourish in Miami. They can make suggestions based on your design and irrigation needs.

Or, if you’d rather meet us face to face, call us at (239) 293 1329 to schedule an appointment.

We are looking forward to speaking with you.