Palm Trees For Sale In Melbourne

Palm Trees For Sale In Melbourne

If your landscaping project in Melbourne, Florida involves a tropical design, Palmco has wholesale palm trees for sale that are ideal for your Zone 9a climate.

Melbourne has a humid subtropical climate.

The hot and wet season runs from May through October, and a warm and dry season from November through April. It’s unusual for winter temperatures to drop below 25° F to 30° F, although the area does experience a rare frost.

Dozens of species of palm trees can survive cold temperatures, but it’s important to understand both your climate and the plant’s temperature minimums if you want them to avoid damage.

The simplest solution is to use the USDA Climate Hardiness Zone Map as your guide.

It provides a growing season map that takes into consideration winter lows in each area to help gardeners decide which plants are cold hardy enough for their zone.

Factors Not In The USDA formula: