Mast Trees Wholesale

Mast Trees Wholesale

In the right location, Mast Trees make a strong statement. The wholesale plants available from Palmco will meet the needs of landscape contractors, developers, and landscape architects who are looking for a unique way to enhance their projects in Zones 10a to 11.

The striking Mast Tree, or Polyalthia longifolia “Pendula,” originated in India and Sri Lanka and is an exceptional subtropical substitute for the Italian Cypress. It is also called the False Ashoka, Indian Mast Tree, Buddha Tree, Weeping Mast Tree, and Indian Fir Tree.

It became popular in British India both because it resembles the Mediterranean Cypress and because its tall, stick-straight, lightweight trunk was ideal for building ship masts, hence the name. Today, the tree is mostly used to make pencils, boxes and matchsticks. The leaves are used for ornamental decoration during festivals.

You may hear the attractive Mast Tree mistakenly called “Ashoka Tree.” There is a sacred Saraca indica (or “Asoka”) tree with similar foliage, but these are two completely different trees.

Saraca indica is small in height; False Ashoka grows tall. Saraca indica has a large crown and red blooms that flower in the spring. False Ashoka flowers are apple green in color. Asoka fruits look like broad beans and contain multiple seeds, while False Ashoka fruits are small, spherical and contain a single seed.

Landscape designers appreciate the layers of feathery, wavy-edged leaves that hang from drooping branches that closely hug the trunk of the Mast Tree. The leaves range in color from coppery brown when new to a shiny dark green when more mature, a contrast that makes an attractive show. And the fragrant star-like pale green flowers are known for attracting birds and butterflies.

Because the Mast Tree grows in a slender, columnar shape to heights of 30 to 45 feet, it is ideal for screening. Use a group of them to line an avenue or driveway, as tall living hedges, as architectural accents, and as privacy, noise and windbreak screens. But be sure to give the tree enough room to stretch out to its full-grown width of 4 to 5 feet.

Why Choose Palmco

Palmco serves all of Florida and the contiguous U.S., providing a wide selection of FF-grade palms, top-quality bamboos, and ornamental plants with different heights, shapes, textures and even colors. We pride ourselves on our environmentally conscious growing process and exceptional customer service that is known throughout the industry.            

You will find the healthiest wholesale Mast Trees at Palmco, where they’ve been nurtured in our warm, fertile environment with ample growing space, state-of-the-art, fully automated irrigation systems, and extensive nutritional programs. Contact us Monday thru Friday from 8-5pm at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GO-PALMCO to learn more.