King Palm Trees For Sale

King Palm Trees For Sale

Located on beautiful Pine Island, Palmco is proud to be the premier grower and wholesaler of distinctive palm trees in Florida.

At our palm nursery, we put the experience of four generations of growers to work for our customers as we raise and sell the highest quality palms available.

The King Palm is one of more than 20 varieties of palm trees we have for sale.

We offer small palms, such as the Dwarf Sugar Palm, which typically grows to a height of only 12 feet. We also have large palms, such as the Maypan Coconut palm, which can grow as tall as 80 feet.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor accent piece, a specimen piece, or a large palm for outdoor landscaping, we have something you will be interested in.

King Palm

Of all of the palm trees we offer, and of all the palm trees in the world, the King Palm may be the most recognizable. The King Palm, or Archontophoenix alexandrae, also known as the King Alexander Palm, is nearly ubiquitous in tropical and subtropical climates.

Its popularity is no mystery – this is a regal, powerful, beautiful tree, inspiring visions of beachfront sunrises and feelings of strong, warm breezes. The King palm lives up to its name in every sense, and though it is common, it is never ordinary.

The King palm typically grows in warm climates – tropical and subtropical. It ordinarily reaches a height of 40 feet. It has lush, green leaves and a tall, slim trunk. The King palm is regularly used by landscapers and architects as a centerpiece or accent, but it also presents well in groups of two or three.

Landscaping With King Palms

King palms are most often used as outdoor landscaping pieces in tropical and subtropical climates.

They are remarkable when used to open up an architectural space, and they complement parks, roadways, and yards alike with equal grace. They are principally used as outdoor accents, centerpieces, specimen pieces, or in groups of two or three, but it is possible to pot them and use them indoors as well.

When it comes to outdoor accent pieces, there is almost nothing better than a King palm. Their regal presence gives them an aesthetic power that, even when relegated to the background, shines through and affects the people in a landscaped space.

In this capacity, they are wonderful additions to parks or walkways, and can do wonders for an architectural space.

They are also useful in groups of two or three, and present very well as featured centerpieces. Finally, they can be potted, particularly when they are young, and used indoors to create a sense of tropical joy in any living space.

How We Grow Our Palms

At Palmco, we raise our palms in a modern nursery on Pine Island. We want to ensure the quality of our palms, and so we have a commitment to careful, responsible cultivation. We know that caring about the environment means that our palms get the best nutrition possible, and so we are dedicated to sustainable growing.

Using state-of-the-art growing practices, we make certain that the soil and groundwater that feeds our plants stays clean and unadulterated. We have a commitment to the health of our palms’ environment that, along with our attention to detail, ensures that we can deliver the fullest, richest, and hardiest palms you can buy.

We invite you to come by and visit us in person to learn more about King Alexander Palm trees and other varieties we have for sale.

You can also call us to speak to one of our experts at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.