Indian Mast Trees for Privacy

Indian Mast Trees for Privacy

Considering using Indian Mast Trees for privacy? Look no further than Palmco. Our palm and bamboo plantation is one of the largest in the country and is now home to Mast Trees as well!

Palmco is a family-owned business established on gorgeous Pine Island in sunny Florida. We are home to 600+ acres of bamboos, palms, and other plants and trees, including the Mast Tree. As leaders in this industry, we pride ourselves on our expertise and devotion to exceptional customer service. When you order your wholesale palms, trees, bamboos, and other plants from us, you can anticipate them arriving on time and in ready-to-plant condition.

Everything You Need to Know about Mast Trees

Mast Trees are an up and coming product for landscapers, architects, and landscape designers. They are highly desirable because they are drought tolerant and are even suitable for xeriscaping installations.

Mast Trees are natives of Sri Lanka and India and are also known as False Ashoka, Buddha Tree, Indian Mast Tree, and Indian Fir Tree. Their popularity is attributed to the fact that they resemble the Italian Cypress.

Italian Cypress lovers will find that the Mast Tree is an excellent substitute. They flourish in the warm and humid climate well known to Florida. And, due to their moderate growth rates, they are great for confined areas. Though they can grow to 45 feet in height, their trunks don’t get larger than about 5 feet in width.

Mast Trees are evergreen. This means that there is very little leaf drop. So, keeping them gorgeous is not as time-consuming as you might assume. Because these trees grow quite tall, but stay slender, they are perfect for screening. And confined spaces are not a problem. You can use them as: