Fort Lauderdale Bamboo Wholesale

Fort Lauderdale Bamboo Wholesale

At Palmco, we specialize in the cold-hardy clumping varieties of bamboo.

We grow the Bambusa variety, which is a tropical and subtropical species that is perfect for warm, southern climates, and the Dendrocalamus variety, which includes some of the tallest, most impressive bamboos in the world. 

As one of Florida’s premier providers of palm trees and bamboo, we look forward to assisting you in choosing Fort Lauderdale bamboo wholesale plants that will beautify your landscape.

Palmco is located in the quiet fishing and farming community of Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida, and serves clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.

We grow over 600 acres in production, we are one of the largest palm and bamboo plantations in North America. We serve all of Fort Lauderdale and the areas to the north and south of the city, such as Pompano Beach, Sunrise, Plantation, Hollywood, Miramar and Pembroke Pines.

There are two broad categories of bamboo – the running and clumping varieties – but Palmco only grows the clumping varieties.

The Bambusa variety is ideal for warm, southern climates yet cold-hardy to about +20° F and the Dendrocalamus variety includes some of the tallest, most impressive bamboos in the world.

As a landscaping material, clumping bamboo has a myriad of uses, such as: single attention-getting specimens privacy screens and living fences hedges and noise barriers windbreaks and storm barriers a backdrop for other tropical plants a soil stabilizer on slopes and river banks.

Bamboo is a giant woody grass, not a tree, and is the world’s fastest-growing plant.

Some bamboo varieties are known to grow up to two inches per hour in optimal weather!

Bamboo can grow everywhere except Antarctica and survive in many different climate conditions. Some dwarf species of bamboo are small and decorative, while others are tall and thick, spreading quickly to create nearly impassable barriers.

Here are just two of our most popular varieties:

Angel Mist Bamboo (Dendrocalamus minor ‘Amoenus’)

Sometimes called Ghost Bamboo, this very rare mid-sized Chinese bamboo is one of the smallest Dendrocalamus species. It grows to a typical height of 35 feet with 3-inch diameter pale lime green culms with dark green stripes and a waxy powder covering. This tough species can handle a variety of soil conditions. Angel Mist bamboo makes a strong, colorful ornamental centerpiece and is ideal for use in an urban gardens or as a screen on larger properties.

Seabreeze Bamboo (Bambusa malingensis)

Originating in Southern China, Seabreeze is a bushy, very fast growing variety that can reach heights of up to 40 feet. The 2 1/2-inch diameter canes have a distinctive bluish-white tint in each section. This is a very hardy clumping bamboo that can withstand cooler temperatures down to 20°F. It is drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant and an excellent performer in planting zones of 9a and up. When mature, it forms a graceful umbrella-shaped arch and is ideal for hedges, windbreaks and privacy screens. The canes also make lovely “bamboo sounds” when the wind blows.

Consider including a versatile, manageable and eco-friendly bamboo in your next landscaping project.

We offer 16 spectacular varieties of clumping bamboo, and encourage you to tour our Pine Island plantation to see our vast selection of Fort Lauderdale bamboo wholesale plants and palms.

Call us at (239) 283-1329 for more information.