Fishtail Palm Trees for Sale

If you are looking for beautiful trees to add to your indoor or outdoor décor, consider getting fishtail palm trees. These palm trees have unique appearances featuring dark green leaves with rough edges. Palmco has gained a reputation for providing the best quality when it comes to palm and mast trees.

About Fishtail Palm Trees

Fishtail Palm Trees for SaleOriginating from South Asia, the fishtail palm tree thrives in warm climates and will grow tall with the right growing conditions. One of the biggest concerns of indoor plants is they usually begin to droop eventually. What makes the fishtail palm tree an excellent indoor plant is its upright stems, which eliminate drooping. However, you can prevent it from growing out of control by pinching its fronds. 

Check your fishtail palm trees regularly for leaf spot fungus. This disease is usually characterized by black or brown spots on the leaves. Fishtail palm trees grow well in bright, indirect sunlight. One of the things you will probably like about this plant is its easy maintenance. In addition, it is extremely easy to propagate thanks to its ability to grow in clumps.

Fishtail palm trees tend to become lusher with age and can grow to an average height of six feet.

Why Fishtail Palm Trees

Fishtail palm trees have unique features, which explains their popularity. These trees feature triangular-shaped leaves that split at the end, like a fishtail. The name of the tree stems from the unique features of its leaves. These trees make excellent additions to landscapes in Florida and the southern part of the U.S.

Fishtail palm trees thrive in warm and humid climates, making them excellent choices for the sunny belt states. Although it is recommended to grow this plant in balmy climates, it also does well indoors and requires minimal maintenance.

The fishtail palm tree is a houseplant that thrives with proper care and lots of natural light. Consider growing your indoor fishtail palm tree in a room with tall ceilings to provide it with lots of room for growth. The plant grows a bit slowly, but it will live for many years. Consider moving your fishtail palm tree into a new pot once the roots start extending out of the drainage holes in its pot. This plant does well in tight areas, which also limits its growth.


If you live in a warm climate and are thinking of growing fishtail palm trees in your garden, it is essential to understand the tree’s watering requirements. Arid growing conditions will cause the tree to begin shedding its leaves. In addition, the tree thrives with moderate humidity. Therefore, consider misting the leaves occasionally or placing the tree near a humidifier. Fishtail palm trees will experience minimal growth if grown in areas with low humidity.


Understand the nutritional requirements of fishtail palm trees before planting them. These trees require feeding at least once a month with an all-purpose fertilizer. Always apply the fertilizer after watering to prevent root burns, which could kill the plant. Avoid excessive application of the fertilizer because it could kill the plant.

Palmco is a leading wholesaler of fishtail palm trees in the U.S. We are committed to providing quality palm and mast trees and excellent customer service. Having been in existence since 1984, Palmco has many years of experience and has worked hard through several generations to become a leader in the landscaping industry. We are Florida’s leading grower of quality wholesale palm trees.

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