Doral Wholesale Palms

Palms are common features in many tropical and seaside landscapes, especially in Doral, Florida. Palmco has supplied landscaping architects and contractors with quality palm trees and bamboo for many years. Our clients buy our trees at wholesale prices, saving them significant amounts of money on economies of scale. 

Doral Wholesale PalmsWe have many palm tree varieties for sale, each with distinct features and requirements. Some varieties are hardier than others. For instance, the Chinese Fan Palm features star-shaped leaves, making it stand out from the other types with feathery fronds. It is a hardy and slow-growing tree that can reach about 15 feet. 

The Chinese Fan Palm does exceptionally well in total sun exposure away from taller plants. This tree grows well with slow-release fertilization once a year. At Palmco, we have many hardy palm trees in our Pine Island, FL plantation, including Washingtonia, Windmill, and Triangle. 

Fast Growing Palm Trees 

Many commercial contractors and architects create tropical landscapes by incorporating fast-growing palm trees into their projects. There are multiple benefits of planting fast-growing palm trees on a landscape. First, it saves you money because it allows you to get a lush landscape within a short period. In addition, fast-growing palm trees provide excellent shade and wind and sun protection for smaller or younger plants. Although some palm trees grow much faster than others, it is only possible to achieve rapid growth with the right growing conditions. 

A tropical palm tree variety that thrives in full sun exposure will not grow as fast in cold climates. The more the sun exposure, the faster the palm tree is likely to grow. Fertilization also plays a crucial role in palm tree growth. Your palm trees require nutrient-rich soils to grow fast. Landscape architects and commercial contractors usually understand the fertilizer requirements of various palm trees. 

There are multiple fast-growing palm trees on our plantation at Bokeelia, Florida. Here are some of our fast-growing varieties. 

Foxtail Palm Tree 

This fast-growing species is extremely popular because of its beautiful foliage. The plant adapts to different soil conditions making it highly versatile. However, Foxtail requires regular fertilization, full sun exposure, and well-drained soils to achieve maximum growth. 

King Palm Tree 

King Palm is a fast-growing variety that can achieve growth rates of up to two feet per year with the right growing conditions. This palm tree thrives in tropical and subtropical settings and acidic soils. It does well in full sun exposure and acidic soils. 

Palmco has gained a reputation for supplying clients with quality bamboo, mast trees, and palm trees. Our trees are grown in excellent conditions in a 600-acre plantation with a state-of-the-art irrigation system. The entire setup of our plantation minimizes adverse effects on the environment. 

At Palmco, we aim to supply our clients with quality wholesale palms in Doral, FL. Please call us today to order.