Clumping Bamboo vs Running Bamboo

Clumping Bamboo vs Running Bamboo

If you are interested in the advantages of clumping bamboo vs running bamboo, Palmco has the answers you need.

Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of top-quality clumping bamboo and palm trees and one of the largest palm and bamboo plantations located in North America. We are proud to be able to draw from four generations of growers to bring our customers the highest quality palms and bamboo with the service to match.

If your customers are looking for great bamboo, and you need to be able to explain the difference between the clumping and running varieties, our experts are here to help!

Picking the Right Bamboo for Your Clients

As you probably know, there are two basic kinds of bamboo: clumping and running. Running bamboo spreads faster and wider than clumping bamboo and can easily get out of control.

Running bamboo: