Clumping Bamboo – Good for Privacy

Clumping bamboo can provide excellent privacy with good growing conditions. One of the benefits of this plant is it grows fast, providing the privacy you need a few months after planting. However, consider several factors when choosing clumping bamboo, including species selection. At Palmco, we have some of the best selections on our 600-acre farm. When choosing clumping bamboo, it is advisable to consider multiple factors, including your climate zone and desired height and appearance.

Growing Conditions

Clumping Bamboo - Good for PrivacySoil has a significant impact on clumping bamboo growth and its ability to spread. Temperate bamboo can do well in a wide range of soil conditions, including clay and sand. Most bamboo species do well in acidic sandy or loamy soil.

Bamboo can do well in varied sunlight conditions. Some species grow well in deep shade, while others experience full growth with full sun. Most screening bamboo species have a high tolerance to all sunlight conditions. Bamboo will grow well provided it gets at least 3 hours of sun exposure. The longer bamboo is exposed to the sun, the faster the growth and development of its privacy screen. However, prolonged exposure of the plant to the sun means you will have to water it more often to support the increased growth rate of the plant and minimize the effects of evaporation.

Bamboo Growth

Bamboo has unique growth patterns. Unlike other plants, each bamboo generation is usually taller than its previous generation’s shoots. Interestingly, each year’s shoots grow to their full height in 60 to 90 days. In addition, the shoots keep spreading, which provides the perfect screen.

Apart from its fast growth, it is extremely easy to plant bamboo. First, dig a hole double the size of a root ball. Plant the bamboo and amend the soil around it with excellent topsoil and composted manure. You can plant your bamboo at ground level or slightly deeper. The plant does well in a wide range of growth conditions.

The key to achieving excellent privacy screening is to water your bamboo regularly, especially when it is just beginning to establish itself. Water the plant heavily while giving the soil around the plant adequate time to dry between the watering cycles. The soil conditions determine the watering frequency and intensity. Therefore, monitor the plant carefully to determine the correct watering frequency and amount.

Consider using soaker hoses to water your bamboo to boost growth along the screening axis. Make sure the soaker hose is aligned to where you want the bamboo screen.

Privacy Screening

Once you understand the growing conditions of bamboo, you need to determine the number of plants you need. Clumping bamboo grows extremely fast and can provide excellent screening within a short time. Your lot size should determine the number of bamboo trees to plant. However, make sure the trees are well spaced, preferably three to five feet apart.

Other factors that may expedite or slow down the growth of your bamboo trees include climate zone, sunlight, and water. On average, bamboo trees may take around three years to mature, providing excellent privacy for your home. The good thing about this plant is you cannot overplant it.

Palmco offers a wide range of screening plants, including clumping bamboo, mast trees, and palm trees. Our plantation is located in Bokeelia, Florida, and is one of the largest palm tree plantations in North America. We have been growing cold hardy, and tropical trees, including bamboo, palm, and mast trees, for four generations.

Please contact Palmco at (239) 283-1329 for additional information about clumping bamboo and other plants on our plantation.