Canary Date Palm Care

Canary Date Palm Care

When planting the spectacular Canary Island Date Palm, understanding the proper care requirements will help you preserve its majestic beauty and health. Palmco can help.

Palmco serves all of Florida and the contiguous U.S., growing a wide variety of wholesale palms and clumping bamboos with different heights, shapes, textures and even colors. We pride ourselves on our environmentally conscious growing process and exceptional customer service that is well-known in the industry.

Caring for the Canary Island Date Palm

The impressively tall Canary Palm (Phoenix canariensis), also known as the Canary Island Date Palm and the Pineapple Palm, can reach over 60 feet in height with a trunk as thick as a bridge support.

The slow-growing palm is prized for its formal and bold appearance and its extreme hardiness which allows it to be use throughout much of the southern U.S., including California, Texas, the Gulf Coast States and Florida.

The fairly cold tolerant palm is suitable for Zone 9a and above and is extremely drought tolerant once established. These palms do not like “wet feet” and will show signs of decline if planted in poorly drained soil types.

Phoenix canariensis makes an impressive statement with a massive ball on the top of the tree. It has a huge canopy and caliper, but the majestic shaft needs to be manicured to maintain a nice appearance.

Fertilizing the Canary Island Date Palm

The Canary Palm is known for needing a bit more care than the average palm tree. Without the right combination of nutrients, its leaves may begin to wilt and brown. Palmco makes every effort to deliver you a healthy palm, but the moving process can be hard on the tree. Your palm will likely need extra care to become established once it is planted.

When applying fertilizer, be sure to keep the following tips in mind: