Buy Sabal Trees in Florida

Buy Sabal Trees in Florida 

Landscape designers and architects looking to buy Sabal trees in Florida should do their shopping at Palmco. Our four generations of palm tree growers make us a premier palm tree purveyor you can trust.

Palmco is a family owned business established in 1984 on more than 600 acres. We are located on beautiful Pine Island and are considered one of the largest palm tree plantations in the nation. Our devotion to customer service and green growing techniques make us an excellent resource for all things palm and bamboo.

When you order your palms, bamboo, and other plants from us you can rest assured that they will arrive on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition.

A Sabal Palm Education

The Sabal Palm or Sabal palmetto is native to the Gulf Coast, South Atlantic states, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America. And, they are Florida’s State Tree.

They grow at a very slow rate. For this reason, they are not commercially grown in the U.S. (Brazil, however, does grow them this way). Generally, they are harvested from the wild and are loved for their extreme hardiness, availability, and low cost.

Unfortunately, overuse and improper applications through the years have given these palms a bad rap. But their silhouetted beauty and character are truly hard to beat, especially when seen in the middle of a foggy pasture during a southern sunrise. They truly do evoke true Southern charm.

If you opt to include Sabal palms in your landscaping design, it is important to be aware of the fact that they require a good deal of water during the transplantation process. They can draw water in through their trunks, so it is necessary during dry times to wet down the trunk daily until it is well established.

Sabal Palms are also known as Cabbage Palms because the central bud of the palm is edible. This edible part is called heart of palm. You can occasionally buy them fresh and whole, but they are usually sold in cans or cut in pieces. In fact, there’s a Swamp Cabbage Festival in LaBelle, Florida each year that focuses on this delicacy.

Sabal palms are quite cold hardy and can grow farther north than many other palm varieties. They are great for hurricane prone areas as well because they are highly wind resistant. And, though they are slow growers, they can reach heights of 60 feet tall.

If this is your first time purchasing a Sabal palm, you should know that they come slick, booted, curved, or regenerated. Sabals are normally sold with the “hurricane cut” (with no head) to help them through the transplant process.

For those looking for Florida native palms, here are a couple of other options for you and your clients:

Thatch (Thrinax radiata). These palms are highly salt and drought tolerant. They grow slowly and do best in USDA zones 10B-11. They have weepy fan leaves and narrow gray trunks. And, birds love the fruit they produce in the fall.

Royal (Roystonea Regia). This large palm has a noble and striking appearance. It is an architectural dream and used in a wide array of installations. The Royal palm towers over many other palms, reaching heights of up to 80 feet tall.

You can buy Sabal Palm trees in Florida from Palmco. Give us a call at (239) 283-1329 to place your order today.