Buy Areca Palm Trees in Florida

Buy Areca Palm Trees in Florida

As a landscape designer or architect, you can buy Areca palm trees at Palmco for your clients in Florida. Our family owned business has four generations of growers prepared to help you with all of your palm and bamboo needs.

Located on gorgeous Pine Island, Palmco has more than 600 acres and is one of the nation’s largest palm plantations. We pride ourselves on our green growing techniques that ensure our palms are never exposed to restricted-use chemicals. We employ state-of-the-art fertilization and irrigation systems in conjunction with soil moisture monitoring stations. This helps us protect the environment from chemical leaching.

When you order your palms and bamboo from us, you can rest assured that they will arrive to you on time and in pristine, ready-to-plant condition. We are dedicated to exceptional customer service and this is what keeps our customers returning and your clients happy.

Facts About Areca Palms

The scientific name for Areca palms is Dypsis lutescens. They grow best in USDA zones 10A-11 and are originally from Madagascar.

Professionals in the industry depend on Palmco for our field-grown Arecas. We have a large variety of sizes and a tremendous inventory. While we don’t focus our attention on container grown Arecas, we can provide those for you as well.

You will find Areca palms all over South Florida. Landscapers frequently include them in their designs, especially when near water. They work well as hedges and screens because they are bushy and full but can be trimmed to reveal their bamboo-like canes.

Some people call these Feather palms because their fronds have a feathery appearance with a beautiful arch. And when the design requires exposure of the canes, you will appreciate the smooth silver/green color which is quite beautiful.

These palms will grow at a moderate rate, so some patience is required if using them for screens and hedges. But since we grow a variety of sizes, that doesn’t have to be an issue. Areca palms are also moderately salt tolerant and highly drought tolerant.

Other Useful Palms

We love when a palm tree is able to provide more for us than beauty.

Coconut Maypan (Cocos nucifera). Hailing from Jamaica, this palm provides one of the most useful coconuts on the planet. They are used to make food, oil, and coconut water for drinking. And, the shells are used to make ladles, cups, and other utensils.

Sylvestris (Phoenix Sylvestris). Also called the Silver Date palm, the Sylvestris is used in India for a variety of interesting things. The sap is tapped and drunk fresh or fermented into toddy. Fresh sap can be boiled to make palm jaggery. And, the leaves are used to make bags and mats. Plus, the fruit is used to make wine and jelly!

While you might be looking to buy Areca palm trees in Florida for the sake of beautifying a client’s yard or landscape, you will find that it has additional benefits. When it comes to picking the right palms for your installations you can trust the experts at Palmco. Give us a call at (239) 283-1329 when you are ready to place an order.