Bamboo Wholesaler in Florida

As one of the leading bamboo wholesalers in Florida, we get lots of feedback about clients’ experiences with our plants. For instance, we understand that many people love bamboo as a landscaping plant. However, we also know many people dislike the plant because of misconceptions about the tree. Since its inception, Palmco has been a leading wholesaler of bamboo in the U.S. We have many landscapers and commercial developers who rely on us for quality bamboo trees. So, it’s safe to say, our gardeners and clients are on the love side. Of course, that is mainly because we supply clumping bamboo species that are beautiful and non-invasive. We have talked to many people on the hate side, and we realized many of them had a bad experience with bamboo because they grew running bamboo species. We always advise our clients to learn more about the plant before deciding whether to be on the love or hate side.

Clumping Versus Running Bamboo

Bamboo Wholesaler in FloridaThere are two main bamboo categories, running and clumping bamboo. A common misconception about bamboo is all bamboo runs. The truth is, some bamboo species run and keep doing so until they invade the entire landscape. However, there is an entire group of bamboo species that clump. Unlike running bamboo, clumping bamboo stays in its designated area and grows into a cluster.

Be sure to know the type of bamboo you want before shopping. Research bamboo varieties carefully to know the type you need for your landscape. You do not want to plant running bamboo only for you to spend significant amounts of time and resources trying to rid it of your landscape. If you must plant running bamboo, consider planting it in pots or containers where it won’t invade the landscape. Planting bamboo in pots throughout a landscape can be extremely inconvenient and challenging for commercial developers and landscapers.

Bamboo is a Grass

Contrary to the common misconception, bamboo is not a tree. Instead, bamboo is grass. Therefore, the images and videos you may have probably seen online and in other places of towering bamboo trees growing uncontrollably are inaccurate. However, bamboo is the tallest in the grass family.

Most bamboo species grow incredibly fast and can grow up to four feet a day. This fast growth rate makes bamboo extremely popular among landscapers and commercial developers who use it to create beautiful privacy hedges. In addition, bamboo is a highly sustainable crop.

Bamboo is Incredibly Strong

Considering the fact that bamboo is grass, it is firm. Bamboo canes have higher tensile strength than steel. In many South East Asia countries, contractors use bamboo scaffolding because of the incredible strength of the canes. The use of bamboo as a building resource goes back many centuries ago. Bamboo canes are extremely easy to build and transport.


Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource. Bamboo produces more oxygen and releases far less carbon dioxide than other plant species. Bamboo is eco-friendly because it helps to reverse the effects of global warming. At Palmco, we understand the significance of bamboo on the environment. Our Palm Island, FL, plantation has various clumping bamboo varieties. In addition, we use green planting and growing technologies to ensure our trees have minimal effects on the environment.

Are you looking for a reliable bamboo wholesaler in Florida? Reach out to Palmco today for quality bamboo canes for your landscape.