Bamboo Nursery Fort Myers

Bamboo Nursery Fort Myers

Is your client hoping you will find a bamboo nursery in Fort Myers? Perhaps your needs would be better met by Palmco on charming Pine Island? Our plants can be found in prestigious locales around the world!

Palmco is a family owned business with three generations of palm and bamboo growing experience. We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service and our dedication to green growing processes. Our plants are never exposed to restricted use chemicals, and we recycle and reuse our own plant waste and by-products.

When you choose Palmco for your bamboo and palm needs you can enjoy the country’s largest palm plantations. We have over 600 acres of production and offer our customers dozens of breathtaking noninvasive clumping bamboo varieties. And, you can be confident that your orders will arrive on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition!

Taking Care of Bamboo

As a landscape designer or architect, you will eventually be asked to install bamboo at one or more of your residential or commercial clients’ locales. That means you will be expected to know how to care for the bamboo. Take this advice from our experts to ensure your installations are a success:

Pick the right location. While bamboo is incredibly versatile and can grow in a number of different conditions, placing it in full sun will ensure the quickest growth. And, bamboo plants really appreciate well-drained but moist soil with slight acidity.

Plant it properly. If you want to see the success your clients are hoping for, you absolutely must plant bamboo properly! Dig the hole about twice the size of the root ball. Then you can set it in and spread out some of its roots within the hole. Fill in the hole and thoroughly water it to rid it of air pockets. These steps will help the bamboo establish itself quickly. Water weekly until you are certain it is fully established.

Take care of it. Planting bamboo is really not that difficult. But they do best when they can get at least an inch of water each week. Make sure the water reaches the roots to protect the plant from drought. Also, don’t rake the leaves; they offer the roots protection and help keep them moist. As they decompose, they will return essential nutrients to the roots that can help encourage growth.

Great Options

Now that you know how to plant and care for bamboo, we’d like to suggest some possible options. Here are three of our experts’ favorites: