Adonidia Palm Trees for Sale

On the hunt for Adonidia palm trees for sale? End your search at Palmco, a premier wholesale palm and bamboo purveyor located on gorgeous Pine Island in Florida.

Adonidia Palm Trees for SaleWith over 600 acres in production, Palmco is one of the largest palm plantations in North America. We have 20-plus varieties of choice palm trees for sale and can make your landscaping come alive, whether you need interior or exterior palms.

Many of our palm varieties provide shade with practically no litter, enhancing the tropical appeal of your client’s landscape, especially around swimming pools. We have many sizes available at our farm and can mix or match heights for any size job. We deliver our palms on-time, in excellent condition, and ready to plant.

Taking Care of the Adonidia Palm Tree

Also called the Christmas palm due to the red berries that form large clusters on it during the holidays, the Adonidia palm hails from the Philippines. It will grow year-round and doesn’t usually exceed 16 feet in height. This particular palm will require minimal care in order to thrive, so here are some steps for taking care of the Adonidia palm tree:

  • Soil & Light- If you want this tree to grow at its best, we suggest planting it in a location that receives somewhere between four and six hours of full sun every day. Indoor specimens should always be placed at west or south-facing windows to get the best light. Since the Adonidia can tolerate just about any soil type, the only thing to focus on is ensuring that it is well-drained.
  • Water- Adonidia’s feathery crown is self cleaning, meaning that the old dead fronds will fall off on their own and will require no pruning, just clean up. To make certain the crown is at its optimum health, the palm needs to receive a minimum of an inch of water a week. So, if you live in a drought-prone area, then keep an eye on that and add a top layer of organic mulch beneath the canopy to help retain the moisture. (But don’t let the mulch touch the trunk.)
  • Fertilizer– If your Adonidias will be indoors, they should be fertilized in the spring and then again in the summer. However, if these are outdoor palms, you will need to fertilize again in the fall. We recommend using a slow-release fertilizer that is specifically designed for palm trees. You can determine the dosage by measuring the size of the palm’s canopy. This is done by measuring the drip line (where the farthest stretched leaves would drip water in the rain).
  • Other Concerns– Scale, hard bodied insects that look like raised up brown spots on leaves and trunks, enjoy the Adonidia Palm. We find that treating them by completely spraying down the tree with a 3 to 1 water to horticultural oil mixture is effective. Lethal yellowing can also be an issue with these palms when they are planted in the Southeastern US.

Now that you know where to find wholesale Adonidia palm trees for sale and how to care for them, it’s time to give the experts at Palmco a call. We can be reached at 239-283-1329 to place an order or answer any additional questions.