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European Fan Palm Florida

European Fan Palm FloridaEuropean Fan Palm FloridaEuropean Fan Palm FloridaEuropean Fan Palm Florida

Palmco is one of the leading providers of the European Fan Palm in Florida.

This slow growing palm does well in zones 8A to 11.

Growing to only about 10 feet tall, the European Fan Palm is highly drought-tolerant, does well in salty areas, and is relatively cold-hardy. One of the major reasons that it’s so popular with landscapers and developers is because it does well in a variety of locations and conditions.

Palmco is one of the largest palm tree wholesalers in the nation, and offers over 20 varieties palm trees.

We also sell clumping bamboo to help you design the perfect tropical landscape.

We deliver throughout the United States, so even northern locations can create the illusion that they are in a tropical paradise!

What is an Adaptable Palm Tree?

An adaptable palm tree is one that tolerates a variety of soil types.

This can include dry soil or salt-saturated top soil.

It could also include tolerating very high or very low temperatures. Palm trees require a lot of fertilization and water, but some require more than others. Adaptable palm trees can generally handle soil conditions that are less than ideal.

Other Adaptable Palm Trees

The European Fan Palm is not the only adaptable palm tree. A few other varieties are available at Palmco, including.

Dwarf Sugar Palm

This is considered one of the most adaptable palm trees available.

It can thrive in zones 8B to 11A. It is also known as the Taiwan Sugar Palm. Like the European Fan Palm, the Dwarf Sugar Palm only grows to about 8 to 10 feet tall. It can spread out to a staggering 16 feet, however. It is a clumping palm, so it looks great in groups.

As long as the soil has good drainage, the Dwarf Sugar Palm does well even in poor soils.

Sabal Palm

The Sabal Palm is also extremely adaptable.

Also known as the Cabbage Palm, it’s extremely salt-tolerant and drought-tolerant. As a native of Southeast Asia, the palm does well in zones 7B to 11. It grows much taller than other adaptable palms—it can reach 40 feet high. The Sabal palm is Florida’s state tree, so it is very common in Florida.

Chinese Windmill Palm

The Chinese Windmill Palm is one of the most adaptable palm trees available.

It does well in zones 7B to 10B, and is one of the most cold-hardy palms in existence. It can withstand temperatures as low as 5º F. Like the Sabal palm, it can reach up to 40 feet, but 25 feet tall is far more common. Like other adaptable palm trees, the Chinese Windmill Palm requires well-drained soil to thrive.

Mexican Fan Palms

The Mexican Fan Palm is also known as the Washingtonia robusta, and it will thrive in zones 8B to 11. Unlike other adaptable palm trees, the Mexican Fan Palm grows quickly and reaches heights of 70 to 100 feet.

It does well in drought conditions, and is moderately salt tolerant.

Even if the property you are landscaping has soil that is not ideal, certain palm trees will flourish in virtually any type of well-drained soil.

The European Fan Palm is a great example of an adaptable palm tree, and it’s available from Palmco in Bokeelia, Florida.

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